This limited warranty/adjustment policy provides for tire replacement under certain specified conditions. This policy applies to tires displaying warrantable conditions when used in appropriate service as defined by Big Tire America’s Manufactures and Distributor’s Warranty Guidelines. Tires that become unserviceable or wear out because of misapplication, neglect or mistreatment are excluded from Big Tire America’s warranty coverage. The tire size, load range and speed rating must meet or exceed the specification recommended by the manufacturer.


This warranty applies to every Big Tire America truck/bus tire bearing the brand names displayed on the Big Tire America website and/or distributed literature and complete D.O.T. serial identification number and operated in appropriate service in the United States. Eligible tires must be on the vehicle on which they were originally installed, in conformance with the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.

This warranty applies only to the original tire purchaser, and is not transferrable to any other party. Tires are covered by this warranty for the life of the original usable tread down to the tread depth indicators molded at 2/32" (1.6mm). The tread is worn out when those indicators are at the same level as the worn tread.


Tires that have become unserviceable for the following reasons:

  • Road hazard injuries or damage caused to the tire by obstacles and debris, such as cuts, punctures (whether repairable or not), snags, bruises, tears or impact breaks.
  • Improper repairs or repairs that have failed.
  • Improper inflation or other maintenance abuses.
  • Improper application of tire size and/or specification.
  • Mechanical irregularities in the vehicle or wheel, such as bent wheel assemblies, misalignment, worn or faulty components.
  • Weather checking/cracking or failures resulting from these conditions on tires purchased more than one year (12 months) prior to a warranty claim. Only proof of purchase, i.e. receipt or bill of lading will apply.
  • Accident, corrosion, vandalism, fire or damage caused by nature.
  • Improper mounting/dismounting procedures or tire/wheel assembly balance.


  • Tires submitted for ride disturbance complaints after 2/32" (1.6mm) of treadwear.
  • Tires on vehicles registered or operated outside of the United States.
  • Tires not sold in the United States by Big Tire America.
  • Improper storage.
  • Tires that have had material added after leaving a Big Tire America Warehouse(s), such as fillers, sealants, balancing substances or materials of any kind.

Additionally, tires that have had external tire treatments which include but are not limited to: tread sipping, shaving, carving, regrooving, white sidewall inlay or applying materials or treatments to the tread surface.

If the material or treatment is the cause of a failure, vibration, or ride disturbance the tire will not be accepted for warranty, or mileage warranty credit.

WHAT IS NOT COVERED (Retread Tires Only)

  • Casings damaged by road hazard injuries or damages caused by obstacles or debris such as cuts, punctures (whether repairable or not), snags, bruises, tears, abrasions, or impact breaks.
  • Casings damaged by improper repairs or repairs that have failed.
  • Casings damaged by improper inflation or other maintenance abuses.
  • Casings damaged by continued operation while flat or severely underinflated.
  • Casings damaged by improper application of tire size and/or specification.
  • Casings damaged by improper mounting/dismounting procedures or tire/wheel assembly imbalance.
  • Casings damaged by accident, corrosion, vandalism, fire, or nature.
  • Casings damaged by use of aftermarket tire additives, such as fillers, sealants, or balancing substances.
  • Casings damaged by improper retreading or defective retread materials.
  • Casings that cannot be retreaded because of excessive tread wear or buffing.

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