Since Pirelli’s introduction of P-Zero tires 30 years ago, the company has improved on tire technology and continues to remain a top choice for car manufacturers around the world.

You can have custom-tailed tires for your vehicle whether you drive a sedan or a sports car. Click here to discover more about Pirelli P-Zero Tires!

Pirelli prides itself on designing tires with elegance, style, and high quality. Consider this Italy-based company to be the Italian suit of the tire industry. Pirelli’s P-Zero is their ultra high performance tire formulated specific to your vehicle type. Three tire variations include the luxury sedan, sports car, and super car. Each variation is equipped with distinct features to ensure the perfect fit for each car’s unique performance.

Tire Weight Reduction and Extended Range Profile

P-Zero tires can last longer than ever with their flatter, low profile structure. Extended Range Profile construction gives tires a more even tire wear and a cleaner look. Tire weight reduction due to innovative materials such as high silica compounds provide a 15% drop in rolling resistance performance, giving you better fuel economy. Click here for more details on P-Zero’s extended performance construction.

Aquaplaning Safety Reserve

Rain is one of the most likely culprits to driving in bad weather. Not all tires are equipped to handle wet, slippery roads. You’ve probably experienced (or at least heard of) hydroplaning – sometimes referred to as aquaplaning – which is a term that refers to a tire losing contact with the road’s surface due to long, deep puddles on the road. Pirelli’s asymmetrical tread pattern is designed to prevent this with wide, longitudinal grooves that drain water out and away from where the tire contacts the road. P-Zero’s high silica content delivers exceptional safety and handling when driving in wet conditions.

Ultimate Handling With Adaptive Grip Compound

Tread design is customized to your vehicle, whether you drive a sedan or a sports car. Superior siping design enhances traction during acceleration and braking, giving you greater stability and control.

Noise Canceling System

In order to absorb outside vibrations, P-Zero tires are equipped with a polyurethane sponge that dramatically reduces noise inside the vehicle. Additionally, decreased production of road noise is achieved by using optimum pitch sequencing within the tread. Since Pirelli’s introduction of the P-Zero line 30 years ago, the company has made great improvements in technology and remains a top choice for luxury car manufacturers around the world. The new P-Zero offers a custom-tailored tire designed specifically with your vehicle in mind. Get in touch with a tire professional today and discover more about Pirelli P-Zero tires.

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