SmartWay is a program that combats commercial freight emissions by placing environmental requirements on commercial freight transportation.

Kumho had gone green with Kumho SmartWay approved tires.  Click here to find out more on how Kumho is helping the environment. We rely on commercial freight for our everyday needs. Unfortunately, freight transportation contributes significantly to pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. SmartWay is a program that combats emissions by placing environmental requirements on commercial freight. Kumho Tire offers SmartWay approved commercial tires shown to reduce harmful emissions.

What is SmartWay?

SmartWay is a voluntary transportation partnership ran by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The transportation partnership includes over 3,000 companies and affiliates. SmartWay’s goal is to encourage businesses to improve their logistics and reduce their carbon footprint. Since the program’s beginning in 2004, SmartWay partners have:

•Saved 6 Billion Dollars of Fuel
•Lowered Fuel Costs by $20.6 Billion
•Reduced Carbon Emissions by Over 60 Million Metric Tons

What Are SmartWay Approved Tires?

The EPA has determined that low rolling resistance tires can reduce fuel costs and emissions in freight vehicles by 3% or more. Low rolling resistance tires (LRR) work by minimizing the energy required to keep your vehicle’s tires rolling at any given speed. In order to be considered SmartWay approved, products must meet standard qualifications and undergo additional testing.

The Future of SmartWay

SmartWay test requirements are expected to change as tire technology improves, making it tougher to make the approval list. Regardless, many freight fleets are turning to fuel-efficient tires to cut down on fuel costs. California has even mandated the use of SmartWay approved tires for trucks and trailers driving on California roads. It wouldn’t be surprising to see other states adopt similar policies. Additional future goals are to increase awareness of environmental impacts, develop programs for all modes of freight transport, and to expand the program’s reach internationally.

Kumho Commercial Tires

The SmartWay approved designation logo can be found on Kumho Tire commercial light truck tires. The logo represents the commitment Kumho Tire has for improving efficiency and lowering emissions in order to improve the environment for future generations. To find out more on Kumho's SmartWay Tires and any other tires, contact Big Tire America today.

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