Not all cars are equipped with a spare tire. You might be looking to buy one but aren’t sure which type of spare will suit your needs. There are many types of spare tires to choose from and oftentimes so many choices can be daunting. We can help! Click here to learn more about your spare tire options.

There are many types of spare tires to choose from. We can help! Click here to learn more about your spare tire options. It isn’t uncommon for cars nowadays to be equipped with a temporary-use spare or to have no spare at all. You may want to invest in a spare tire but are unsure which is right for your vehicle. This guide will help you understand the different types of spare tires available for you to choose from. Purchasing a reliable spare tire can give you peace of mind knowing you have backup in case of an emergency. Still have questions? Our tire professionals are ready to help.

Full-Size Matching Spare

A full-size matching spare tire will look just like your other tires. The benefit to having a full-size matching spare is it can be considered a “fifth” tire. It is recommended that you add this fifth tire to your regular tire rotation pattern – this way you can extend the life of all five tires. The downside to any full-size spare is their additional weight and required storage space.

Full-Size Non-Matching Spare

While this is still considered full-size, the actual tire and wheel may not match your other tires. This type of spare still has the added benefit of any full-size spare and the downfall of taking up space, but additionally it may not be aesthetically pleasing to have mismatched tires. It is also not recommended to use a dissimilar tire in your regular tire rotation pattern.

Full-Size Temporary Spare

Full-size temporary spares are built lighter and with shallow tread. These spares still match the original tire’s dimensions but are not made to last. You’ll still need to buy a replacement tire as soon as possible. Temporary tires are just that – temporary.

Compact Temporary Spare

Compact temporary spares have smaller dimensions than full-size spare tires. Often referred to as a “donut,” you can save on storage space with this lightweight version of a spare. These short-term tires will get you to a tire repair shop or dealer, but long-term use of temporary tires can be detrimental to your traction, ABS, and your speedometer function. Additionally, these types of spares are made specific to the make and model of your car and shouldn’t be used on another vehicle.

Folding Temporary Spare

This type of spare is much less common today. A folding spare is really an inflatable or collapsible tire. They save the most space but are much more difficult to use. Folding spares need to be inflated with an air pump or canister before use.

As you can see, there are many spare tire options available to choose from. Contact us and we’ll help you determine which spare tire will suit your needs.

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