EcoPlus Technology is available on a wide selection of tires, including PureContact and ProContact passenger tires.

Looking for innovative tire technology?  Take a look at PureContact Tires with EcoPlus Technology. We live in an era where many consumers wish to purchase environmentally conscious goods. Our cars and tires are no exception. Numerous tire manufacturers are coming up with innovative technology aimed at reducing emissions and improving fuel economy. Continental offers EcoPlus Technology on multiple tires including their TrueContact, PureContact, and ProContact passenger tires. This guide will help you learn more about Continental’s fuel-saving, all-season tires.

What are PureContact Tires?

Continental designed their PureContact tires as an all-season touring tire for sedans, crossovers, and minivans. PureContact tires offer a smooth, comfortable ride with improved treadwear and a best-in-class ranking for wet braking. These tires offer a quiet ride due to ComfortRide Technology, which eliminates noise by absorbing road vibrations. PureContact tires enable safe driving on wet, dry, and snowy roads.

What is EcoPlus Technology?

PureContact tires are designed with fuel and money saving properties in mind. It is estimated that for every gallon of gas saved, there are 19.4 fewer pounds of toxic emissions that are released into the air. This not only saves you money but also helps to improve air quality and the environment. EcoPlus technology works by combining two components, Tg-F Polymers and Plus Silane, that work together to improve both wear and fuel efficiency.

Tire Traction and Performance Indicators

PureContact tires utilize a computer-optimized asymmetric tread pattern that provides better handling and traction in all types of weather and road conditions. Visible letters known as Performance Indicators are built into the tire, geared to alert the driver of potential performance in various weather conditions. The letters “D” for dry, “W” for wet, and “S” for snow appear on the outboard shoulder (or outer edge) of the tire. As the tire wears, the letters will change in appearance. For example, when the “S” is no longer visible, the tire is no longer recommended for driving under snowy conditions. When the “D” is no longer visible, this indicates that the tire should be replaced. Still not sure when to replace your tires? Click here to contact us, we’re happy to help. PureContact tires offer exceptional wet-braking technology and all-season traction, as well as extended treadwear to improve the life of the tire. You’ll get an 80,000 mile tread warranty and the confidence of knowing you can save money on gas without trading comfort, safety, or performance. Contact a tire professional to see if Continental PureContact Tires are right for you.

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