OTR tire Available in Three Different Applications E-3 / L-3 / G-3 Suitable for Articulated Dump Trucks and Scrapers, Front-End Loaders and Graders.


  • Flexible OTR belt wire
  • Flat base hexagon bead construction
  • High turn-up carcass construction
  • Buttress side protection
  • Unique nylon cord
  • Advanced composition of tread compound
  • Zigzag shaped grooves


  • Helps improve durability and provide resistance to punctures and create greater stability
  • Locks the bead in place for greater strength and increased bead base durability
  • For even longer life
  • Protects against exterior damage with greater lateral stiffness and improved road stability
  • Protecting against outside damage resulting in fewer sidewall snags and cuts
  • Provides two-ply nylon chaffer for longer casing life
  • Provides outstanding wear, low heat generation and cut resistance
  • Provide better traction on muddy and soft ground


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