Commercial Truck/Bus. SmartWay Verified Medium-Duty Truck Ultra Wide Base Radial Drive tire for Long-Haul/Regional Applications.


  • Seven circumferential grooves
  • 27/32" tread depth
  • Advanced rubber compound
  • Split, closed sipes
  • Zero degree belt
  • Small block and sipe combo
  • Advanced casing
  • EPA SmartWay Verified
  • Limited Warranty/Adjustment Policy for Replacement Truck/Bus Tires


  • Enhance lateral stability and create long, even wear
  • Delivers maximum traction while providing extra-long treadlife
  • Lowers rolling resistance and reduces heat buildup, allowing for superior fuel economy
  • Improves acceleration and braking on ice, offering exceptional control under rough conditions
  • Provides weight distribution for even pressure and increased treadlife, ensuring the most stable footprint possible
  • Reduce heel-toe wear and increase fuel efficiency, all while providing confident snow traction
  • Created specifically to reduce strain and prevent casing growth, allowing for retread after retread


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