Planning a getaway to see the fall foliage or getting a head start on holiday travel plans? You want to make sure your car can handle the road and get you safely to your destination. Check out our recommendations for how to make sure your car is safe to drive before you hit the road.

Check out our Pre-Trip Safety Checks for how to make sure your car is safe to drive before you hit the road.

School’s back in session, but breaks and holiday travel plans loom ahead. Plus, you don’t want to miss the spectacular autumn views in the weeks ahead. Is your car in top shape to handle any trips you have planned? Pre-trip safety checks are especially important before hitting the road. Tire inspections are an important part of overall safety checks and can help keep you and your family safe this season. Here are a few tips to get you started on the road to fun and safety (for more information contact us).

1. Always have your car checked before you get out of dodge

When was the last time you had the oil changed or the car tuned up? If you’re not sure, check your car records to see if it’s about time. Since you’ll be driving a decent distance, go ahead and get the oil changed and that tune-up if the car needs it anytime in the near future. Better safe than sorry.

2. Peek in and check out your battery

There’s really nothing worse than being hundreds of miles from home and the car just not starting. With a family in tow, it becomes quite a hassle to sort out battery problems while on the road. Take care of it now, long before it could be a problem. Check the battery connections to make sure they’re tight and working right. If they’re corroded, give them a good scrub with baking soda and water. If you’re worried about your battery, have it checked by a professional and replace it if there is any question of its ability to hold a charge.

3. Inspect your tires before they cause big problems

Flat tires and blowouts can be dangerous and disastrous when you’re on the road. Don’t put your family at risk. Always give your tires a good look before you leave. Check the tire pressure to make sure they’re all at the right level (you can usually see what’s recommended on the sticker on the edge of the inside of the driver’s door). Give the tread some investigation - bald tires won’t help you much in bad weather conditions. Take your car in for a rotation and rebalance if you feel like a professional should handle the job.

4. Always check out your brakes

What’s one of the scariest experiences you’ll ever have while driving? The sudden disappearance of working brakes. Don’t let that happen to you. Always have a professional look at your brakes if it’s been awhile since they were maintained. Tight and quickly acting brakes will make all the difference in how safe your road trip will be. If you need a professional to help you make sure your car is fit for the road, reach out to Big Tire America for the best service!

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