Whether you’re a “once-in-a-while” off-roader or you spend your spare time seeking off-road adventures, you need tires that will deliver tough traction and maximum performance

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You drive an SUV or a pickup truck and you want the versatility of an all-season tire with reliable capabilities both on and off-road. Does such a tire exist? Bridgestone Dueler delivers tough traction whether you’re driving in snow, gravel, mud, or sand. You’re sure to explore with tires made to enjoy both off-road trips and daily highway drives. This guide will explain a few of the Dueler models available to you. Not sure which one is right for your vehicle? Give us a call and a friendly staff member will be happy to assist you!

Bridgestone Dueler H/T

The H/T is an all-season tire intended for light or medium trucks. H/Ts are geared more towards highway use but can handle being driven in some off-road conditions. These are often Original Equipment (OE) tires, which means that manufacturers may commonly include these tires on new cars in the factory.

Bridgestone Dueler A/T

Dueler A/T is an all-terrain tire for SUVs or trucks. The A/T model is designed with versatility in mind, with the ability to grip on mud or snow without losing the quiet, comfortable ride you depend on. Dueler A/Ts are a great compromise between maximum traction and highway tires. • A/T Revo 2 (Eco): This is an all-terrain, any weather tire. The Revo 2 (Eco) has the added bonus of improved environmental performance. Revo 2 is equipped with better rolling resistance, a longer lasting tread life, and is manufactured using environmentally conscious materials.

Bridgestone Dueler M/T

M/T tires are the ultimate in off-road performance. Built to tackle any terrain, these offer superior durability – even in the thickest of mud. With an aggressive, tough design you can finish off the look of your ideal off-road truck. These maximum traction tires are made for handling the toughest conditions and are best suited for trucks that encounter a decent amount of off-road driving. Bridgestone Dueler offers multiple models to choose from depending on the level of off-roading you like to do. Whether you’re looking for a little weekend exploration or you want more of an all around off-road tread for your frequent outdoor adventures, Dueler’s got you covered. If you need more information, contact a tire professional. They can help you find the perfect balance of traction and comfort.

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